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Friday, May 1, 2015

Ribbons for Prevention

blue ribbon pinAs April departs, we acknowledge all those who helped us mark Child Abuse Prevention Month as an opportunity to raise awareness and educate the public about child abuse signs, how to report, and how to prevent. One-hundred of our friends agreed to wear blue ribbon lapel pins to help raise awareness. Several of them asked that they not be acknowledged, feeling that the emphasis should be on prevention rather than the individuals who participated.

We wholeheartedly thank each of the one-hundred people who wore their pins for the month.

The Mary Abbott Children's House is a safe place for children to tell their stories after a sexual or severe physical trauma. Additionally, Abbott House provides acute sexual exams when necessary and offers reassurance and wellness checks to every child who comes through our doors.

Abbott House is one of approximately 750 independent Children's Advocacy Centers across the country accredited by the National Children's Alliance and is charged with serving Cleveland, McClain, and Garvin Counties. Abbott House also serves counties outside of its primary jurisdiction, serving 19 Oklahoma counties in the last year.

Although a stand alone non-profit organization, Abbott House works closely with law enforcement officers, the district attorney's office, child protective services, mental health care professionals, and medical professionals to maintain a victim centered, child friendly atmosphere and sensibility during investigations of alleged child abuse.

For more information on Abbott House, please call 405-579-5800 or email online@abbott-house.org.


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